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I write modern romance about men. Readers have called my stories „intense“, „beautiful“, and „heart-wrenching“, some loved my „adorable characters“ and their „excellent banter“. Others have spotted „extreme fluff and smut“. Find out for yourself!

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My bodyguard romance NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS is out now! Prepare for a hunky CPO caught between duty and love, the hottest prime minister in British history, and some major mischief after hours at 10 Downing Street in this LOVE ACTUALLY-meets-BODYGUARD gay romance!

If you're into nonshifter omegaverse romance, check out my Fennys Den College Series!

In book 1, STRAY: A FAKE MATE GAY ROMANCE, alpha Aryn offers omega Trae a thousand dollars for posing as his mate for a night, which proves to be a huge mistake...

STRAY is live on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Book 2 of the Fennys Den College Series, HOLIDAY HEAT: A CHRISTMAS GAY ROMANCE, is an extra steamy Aryn&Trae winter romance for all year round that can be read as a standalone.

Right now, I'm working on part 3 of the series, SINDRY: A HURT/COMFORT GAY ROMANCE. It's the story of Braedan Greyson, new healer at Fennys Den College, and Sindry Starling, an alpha freshman who needs saving from his evil family when it turns out he's part omega. Sindry is scheduled to be released in May 2020.


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"The intimacy between the two men is intense and climactic...

I really enjoyed it and found it deeply satisfying."

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STRAY AMAZON Fennys Den-6.jpg

Aryn Greyson needs a fake mate, and fast. The alpha college sophomore has told his pack leader he found his omega, and now Braedan wants to welcome the new Greyson into the family.

Trae “Stray” Vagorien, omega fourth-year student, has no pack, no money, and supposedly no morals. He’s definitely got no need for a stupid, arrogant alpha in his life. When college heartthrob Aryn Greyson offers him a thousand dollars for posing as his mate for a night, including family dinner and sharing a double room in a five-star hotel, Trae finds his views on alphaholes confirmed—and accepts. Nothing is going to happen in that king-size bed. That’s the deal. Aryn is determined to behave honorably and stand by his promise, and Trae has enough pride and attitude to make sure that he will.

But what if their hormones and hearts have other ideas?

Can a relationship that started with an insult and a lie ever turn into something real?





STRAY is  a nonshifter omegaverse gay romance and book 1 of the FENNYS DEN COLLEGE SERIES. It contains a sweet, hunky alpha who's landed himself in trouble, a snarky omega with a fear of thunderstorms, hurt/comfort, a night of knotting, lots of fluff and heartbreak, and a happy ending.

36k words. For readers 18 and over only!





Available  on Amazon and free via KU now!


Live on Amazon and free via KU now!

Holiday Heat FDC 2 Cover-3.jpg


In this sequel to STRAY (The Fennys Den College Series Book 1), an untimely heat upsets Aryn’s and Trae’s plans for a chill and cozy first Christmas together…

Trae has told Aryn he isn’t sure he wants kids just yet, but when he unexpectedly goes into heat two days before Christmas, it would seem he’s forgotten all about that. Anxious to honor his omega’s wishes, Aryn decides to have Trae be put into quarantine in Fennys Den College’s heat house until he’s himself again. 


Live on Amazon and free on KU now!

Aryn withdraws to a lonely cabin at the far end of the forest to keep his scent’s pull on Trae to a minimum. There are rumors that an alpha rogue is roaming Fennys Island, but Aryn knows how to take care of himself. The worst about his hermit’s Christmas is how much he misses his mate…
Until he learns that Trae broke out of the heat house.


HOLIDAY HEAT is a nonshifter omegaverse Christmas gay romance containing tinsel, trouble, and knotting under the mistletoe. 
22k words. For readers 18 and over only!



The first man I fell in love with was Beauty's Beast. Next came Robin Hood, then Mr. Darcy.
Two decades of married life later, I still love fictional men - especially when there are two of them in a romance book who are meant to be!
I like it best when I can create their plights and fights myself, and I can always be counted on to throw in some sizzling hotness and a lot of feels.
Here's my author promise: no fade-outs when things get steamy or emotional, and an ending that will leave you smiling.

I'm a lawyer by training, a lover of pastry, and a believer in Happy Ever Afters. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, and a North Sea girl at heart, I live in the beautiful Austrian Alps with my big, noisy family.


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