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Crystel Greene

M/M Romance.

Sweet, star-crossed, and NC-17.

Are you looking for true love?

Do you want feels, fun, and heartbreak, hot heroes who mess up, and all the passion too?


I write modern romance about men. No matter whether they're the UK prime minister in love with their bodyguard or an alpha trying to win their omega, my characters never have an easy time of it - until the happy ending. 

A reviewer on Amazon once said this about my story Stray: "The book made me believe that good things really can happen to people if true love is involved."

I love this wonderful message, and I guess it sums up why I'm writing romance. 

Thanks to everyone who's reading.

Happy you are here!


"The intimacy between the two men is intense and climactic...

I really enjoyed it and found it deeply satisfying."

Long and Short Reviews



He's openly laughing now, and it lights up his face like magic. "You don't have to prove anything to me, Aryn," he says softly. "I'm not one of your alpha cronies you have to outshine. Or an actual mate you'd need to convince he made the right choice. Am I?"

Amazon Stray Purple Forest Cover 4:2021.


A Fake Mate Gay Romance

The Fennys Den College Series

Book 1

Aryn Greyson needs a fake mate, and fast. The alpha college sophomore has told his pack leader he found his omega, and now Braedan wants to welcome the new Greyson into the family.

Trae “Stray” Vagorien, omega fourth-year student, has no pack, no money, and supposedly no morals. He’s definitely got no need for a stupid, arrogant alpha in his life. When college heartthrob Aryn Greyson offers him a thousand dollars for posing as his mate for a night, including family dinner and sharing a double room in a five-star hotel, Trae finds his views on alphaholes confirmed—and accepts. Nothing is going to happen in that king-size bed. That’s the deal.





Aryn is determined to behave honorably and stand by his promise, and Trae has enough pride and attitude to make sure that he will.

But what if their hormones and hearts have other ideas?

Can a relationship that started with an insult and a lie ever turn into something real?


STRAY: A Fake Mate Gay Romance is  a nonshifter omegaverse gay romance and book 1 of the FENNYS DEN COLLEGE SERIES. It contains a sweet, hunky alpha who's landed himself in trouble, a snarky omega with a fear of thunderstorms, hurt/comfort, a night of knotting, lots of fluff and heartbreak, and a happy ending.

36k words. For readers 18 and over only. *Free on Kindle Unlimited!*


The Fennys Den College Series is a paranormal non-shifter omegaverse gay romance series about the Greyson brothers and their struggles to find love in a world under threat.


A Fake Mate Gay Romance
The Fennys Den College Series Book 1

Live on Amazon & free on KU

*Read an excerpt here!

Praise for STRAY:

"This book is amazing; I fell in love with Aryn and Trae... Their story is so cute and incredibly hot... definitely one of the sweetest and most romantic stories I've ever read. I love the humor... so funny and adorable... Highly recommended!"

(Sue Sanne, Goodreads)

"ALL the feelings, the best... Absolutely a must-read!... This was a TOP story. I loved everything about it... awesomely written, very lovable characters... The whole story is stunning. One of my favorite alpha/omega stories of 2019!"

(Truth, loveislovereviews)

"Heartwarming!!... Crystel Greene certainly has a way with spinning a very romantic tale. I thought the book to be very sweet and sensual, but at the same time, raw and gritty... I highly recommend this book. Five stars!!"


Amazon Holiday Heat Purple Stray Amber E


A Christmas Gay Romance

The Fennys Den College Series Book 2

Live on Amazon

and free on KU!


A Christmas Gay Romance
The Fennys Den College Series Book 2


In this sequel to STRAY (The Fennys Den College Series Book 1), an untimely heat upsets Aryn’s and Trae’s plans for a chill and cozy first Christmas together…

Trae has told Aryn he isn’t sure he wants kids just yet, but when he unexpectedly goes into heat two days before Christmas, it would seem he’s forgotten all about that. Anxious to honor his omega’s wishes, Aryn decides to have Trae be put into quarantine in Fennys Den College’s heat house until he’s himself again. 

Aryn withdraws to a lonely cabin at the far end of the forest to keep his scent’s pull on Trae to a minimum. There are rumors that an alpha rogue is roaming Fennys Island, but Aryn knows how to take care of himself. The worst about his hermit’s Christmas is how much he misses his mate…
Until he learns that Trae broke out of the heat house.


HOLIDAY HEAT is a nonshifter omegaverse Christmas gay romance containing tinsel, trouble, and knotting under the mistletoe. 22k words. For readers 18 and over only!

Praise for HOLIDAY HEAT:

"The continuing story of Trae and Aryn is a delightful one!... I can't get enough of them. They captured my heart... Together they are hot af. I love alphas, omegas, heat, scent and unconditional love. It's all here.  A smashing good story!"

(Truth, loveislovereviews)


"Five stars - makes my must read list!!!" (Phoebe's Rainbow World) 

Amazon Cover Sindry Purple Forest Vignet


A Rescue Gay Romance

The Fennys Den College Series

Book 3

consider him mating material. Then, one night, a bruised and battered young alpha is brought into the college infirmary. All Braedan can do is treat the patient’s injuries and send him on his way. The rules demand that he keep his distance. But for the first time in his life, doing the right thing doesn’t feel right. At all.


Sindry Starling has been different for as long as he can remember, and his family makes him suffer for it. When Dr. Greyson puts his strong, gentle hands on him, Sindry’s life changes forever. And so does his body: the young assistant teacher has always known there’s a touch of omega in him, but he's never expected to go into actual heat. Let alone to end up in the college emergency department needing a mating intervention from the new doctor with the dazzling pack leader vibes. Sindry falls for Braedan, hard. And Braedan realizes that Sindry is the perfect mate he never knew he needed. 
Their connection and chemistry defy the conventions of their highly traditional world. When Sindry's pack find out about them, they become a threat to his very life. If there’s anyone who can take on the Starlings, it’s Braedan Greyson. And he’s ready to do everything in his power to keep Sindry safe.
But how can the two alphas find a way to be together? 
With the rules and realities stacked against them, is there a chance for a happily ever after?

SINDRY is a non-shifter omegaverse gay romance featuring a pack leader who’s wired to protect, a troubled young alpha who’s all wrong for him, three college balls, a mate-or-die emergency, a pack-alpha fight, a coming out, and a fairy-tale happy ending.

Tags and tropes: Forbidden love, single dad, age gap, self-acceptance, pride, medical romance, rescue romance, coming out, omega for you. 76k words. For readers 18 and over only.

*Free on Kindle Unlimited!*

When a doctor falls for his patient, it's his career and his personal principles that are on the line. When an alpha falls for an alpha, it's both of their lives...

Braedan Greyson, 27, stopped dreaming about having his own omega a long time ago. He’s been his siblings’ pack alpha since age sixteen, and keeping those in his charge safe and happy is all he wants from life. 
When he starts out at Fennys Den College as the new healer, he’s more than a little shocked to find students

Praise for SINDRY:

"Fun and explosive...  entertaining and loving... it was fun!" (Starwarslover, Amazon)

"I absolutely loved the book and its originality, and it was hard to put down. I can’t wait for the next book in the series." (Crystal, Amazon)

"I absolutely loved this marvelous, sexy, grab-you-by-the-feels, sweet, poignant, fresh, powerful, gripping, unexpected, unconventional, and totally awesome addition to this intriguing series. It pulled me in from the very first page, and I can't wait to see what happens next.(P. Nelson, Amazon) 

He smiles up at me, looking like a porn star and an angel at the same time. Yes, he's an angel come to earth, to save Britain, probably, but at this moment, he's only mine. And he will be for just a little bit longer, for just a few more minutes of stolen bliss...

New Year's Resolutions Best.jpg


💓A Bodyguard Gay Romance💓

Free on Kindle Unlimited

Police Sergeant Daniel Kent has never been a fan of Prime Minister Mathias Parker, the smooth, hyper-brilliant political wunderkind with the killer cheekbones and the hipster Instagram. And he certainly didn't vote for him. So, when Daniel starts out as the PM's personal protection officer at 10 Downing Street, the last thing he expects is losing his heart...

"Excellently developed... so many feelings... humor, sexiness, love... I adored this story!" (Truth, loveislovereviews)

"This book sucked me in immediately!" (Diana Sanchez,

"There are rules to marking," I say, struggling with my speech. "The omega echo can't come first."

He draws back, blinking at me. "Is that so, Professor? Why don't you make sure the rules are being followed, then?"

A Single Dad Gay Romance
The Fennys Den College Series Book 4

Amazon Cover  Laska Purple Forest Vignet

Laska Greyson goes to a party one single time and ends up with a kid and no mate. Gossip at Fennys Den College is raging. Laska couldn’t care less. The bookish omega is so guileless and focused on his studies he mostly doesn't even realize people can be nasty or have hidden agendas. It’s his superpower and also his greatest weakness.

Toriên DaSilva, professor for Were Studies, is notorious for mercilessly enforcing college regulations. Everyone cowers before the authoritarian alpha with the permanent scowl.

Everyone but the young Greyson omega with the baby, the brilliant test scores, and the dreamy eyes. 

One night, Toriên catches Laska after curfew on campus in a downpour. Toriên decides to accompany the student to his dorm, purely for safety reasons. Laska needs a hot shower so he won’t catch pneumonia, and someone to tell him that. When Toriên does, Laska complies – and asks the professor to please watch the baby till he’s done. He seems to assume that Toriên can deal with a fussy six-months-old. And with the sight of Laska in a flimsy bathrobe. 

It’s the beginning of a very particular relationship. Toriên finds he simply isn’t equipped to resist the pull of the gently anarchic beauty. Laska triggers all his protective instincts - and a couple more.Old wounds mean he can’t ask Laska to be his mate. He’s damaged goods, and Laska deserves someone better. Someone younger too.

To keep Laska safe from unwanted advances, Toriên makes him his official consort. It’s hard to keep himself from marking Laska, but the professor is determined not to ruin his lover’s prospects for a better future.

Until the alpha who took advantage of Laska and sired his kid turns up to claim him, invoking ancient law. Forcing Toriên to forget the rules, face his demons and desires, and fight for what’s his.


LASKA: A SINGLE DAD GAY ROMANCE is a non-shifter omegaverse gay romance and book 4 of the Fennys Den College Series. 

Tags and tropes: hurt/comfort, age gap, size gap, sensory processing disorder, omega on the spectrum, student/professor, nasty ex, single dad, chosen family,

18plus. 88k words.

*Free on Kindle Unlimited!*

Praise for LASKA:

"The characters in this story are brought to life beautifully... this book is immersive, gut-wrenching, and powerful." (Coffee, Amazon)

"...Had me laughing out loud... The dynamics between Torien & Laska had a sweet flow and the development of their relationship was perfection." (Felicity, Amazon)



"You're huge," he murmurs.

"And you are beautiful."

He gives a husky, nervous laugh, as if I had made a joke, and I lean over him to kiss him again...

A Beauty & the Beast Gay Romance
The Fennys Den College Series Book 5


At first, Shae Greyson is just an unexpected diversion for the hard-bitten alpha rogue, but soon Marc finds the feisty nurse-in-training incites more in him than just the obvious.
Is there something still alive in Marc’s savage soul, something that's worth saving? –

SHAE: A BEAUTY&THE BEAST GAY ROMANCE is a non-shifter omegaverse gay romance and book 5 of the Fennys Den College series. Tags and tropes: opposites attract, beauty and the beast, hurt/comfort, coming of age, rescue and redemption.

100k words,18plus!

*Free on Kindle Unlimited!*

Shae Greyson has been raised to have an open mind. Now he’s nineteen and dating a convicted murderer. The sheltered young omega is convinced his outlaw lover has a heart of gold.

All Shae’s pack want is to see him get over this.

Marc Rufus is a fighting machine. He’s killed, he’s skilled, and he runs on fury. Ever since his pack was wiped out, he’s been out for vengeance.


"Oh boy, what a journey, so many feelings, attraction, protection, hurt comfort, all the best feelings to make this an awesome thrilling stunning read! 

(True, Loveislovereview, Amazon)





The first man I fell in love with was Beauty's Beast. Next came Robin Hood, then Mr. Darcy.
Two decades of married life later, I still love fictional men – especially when there are two of them in a romance novel who are meant to be!
I like it best when I can create their plights and fights myself, and I can be trusted to always throw in some sizzling hotness and a lot of feels. Here's my author promise: no fade-outs when things get steamy or emotional, and an ending that will leave you smiling.

What else? I love reading, writing, pastry & happy ever afters – and I love hearing from my readers. Send me an email or drop me a review or both! Thank you! <3



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