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Tuesday Teaser from SHAE

Today, I have a teaser from SHAE: A BEAUTY & THE BEAST GAY ROMANCE for you. Marc has taken Shae to his place so the young omega nurse can take care of his injuries. Finding himself alone with the sexy alpha rogue turns out to be more challenging for Shae than he expected...

The Sea Rose’s captain’s cabin is a tiny, very tidy living room with a low beamed ceiling and an alcove bed in one corner, half hidden behind blue-gray drapes made of heavy silk. Leather chairs, an oak table with a crystal vase full of wild roses on it, and wooden walls lined with bookshelves make for the perfect mix of luxury and coziness.

“Okay, wow. Again,” I say, staring at a row of beautifully embossed, leatherbound tomes on astronomy and navigation on a shelf next to me.

“Why are you surprised? Let me guess. You didn’t expect me to be able to read.”

Marc shuts the door behind him and busies himself with the radiant heater under one of the bull’s eyes.

“I guess I didn’t expect you’d have flowers in here.”

He straightens himself. “You’re surprised I appreciate beauty?” His eyes are on me. “I thought you’d already noticed.”

I lower my eyes because in this moment, I just can’t meet his gaze. I feel it traveling over me, hot and intense and igniting my every omega instinct. With trembling hands, I gather the blanket in my hands and pull it together in front of myself.

I told my pack leader I wanted fun, a little fling; I told Marc the same. I made him kiss me, and when he didn’t fuck me, I asked him why and even complained to him, kind of. After everything that happened tonight, I know beyond any doubt that if there’s anyone I want to take my virginity, it’s him. Why, then, am I suddenly afraid, just because I’m alone with him in his super homey bedroom and he talks about beauty as if he meant me? By rights, I should be laughing and give him a snarky response. Or a playful, flirty one. Instead, I’m so tense I feel like I’m going to explode. What’s the matter with me?

“Hey, it’s okay, Shae,” he says in a low voice. “You’re safe with me. Don’t you know that? I might be a criminal, but I’d never touch an omega who isn’t willing.”

Okay, that’s not going to help much.

Looking at him standing there with his bare pecs gleaming and everything of interest clearly outlined under the wet piece of fabric between his leather chaps, I feel like someone slipped me a hot suppository. And my boner, though a little challenged by my nerves, is still refusing to settle.

I’m alone with the rogue king and his fancy alcove bed, and the simple fact is this: the only one I can’t trust is myself.

“You need treatment,” I say briskly, determined to get a grip. “We mustn’t waste any more time.”

“All right, but first you should get out of your jeans.”

I swallow as I look at him, probably from saucer-sized eyes, damnit.

He grins softly. “Omegas are vulnerable to dampness and cold, and bladder infection is something not to be trifled with, isn’t it, Nurse?”

He reaches into a wardrobe and pulls out a pajama. Holding it out to me, he says, “If you roll up the legs and sleeves and tie the strings, it should work.”

I take the clothes from him and turn away, my hands still shaking.

I have to stop being ridiculous. He’s said he won’t touch me unless I ask him to, and I know he’ll be true to his word. So, what’s the worst that can happen?

As I pull off my jeans and put on the pajama bottoms, doing my best to keep the blanket in place and hide that obstinate semi, there’s the sound of dishes clinking behind me. Marc has moved over to the tiny electric stove and is busy putting a kettle on.

“How about some tea? I think a hot drink would be a good idea, don’t you?”

He’s giving me space and keeps the conversation going to dispel the tension. How can a guy with a history like his and a face to match be sensitive and considerate like this? But he is, and his scent tells me everything else I need to know about him—everything that, deep down, I’ve known from the start.

He’s perfect. And that’s exactly my problem.

I was on the lookout for a fling, and I thought he’d be right for that. What better candidate for a little bedroom fun, no strings attached, than a sexy convict on the run, right? That’s what I thought, I guess. But now?

The better I get to know him, the more I’m losing my conviction I can handle this. What’s the worst that can happen? That I’ll be drawn into a current that’s stronger than me and that’ll pull me away from everything that I thought would be my life, off into the unknown.

That along with my virginity, I’ll lose my heart. …


Have a lovely evening!


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