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My Bodyguard Gay Romance, NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, is on sale - and on Youtube!

Britain’s Prime Minister Mathias Parker, 28, is smart, sophisticated, and sexy as hell.

Police Sergeant Daniel Kent, 36, is the PM’s bodyguard. But not for much longer: Daniel has decided to quit. Because Mathias isn’t the obnoxious prat Daniel expected, but the sweetest man he has ever met. And because their intimate nightly encounters aren’t simply recreational, as he’s been trying to convince himself.

For Daniel at least, they’ve come to mean something so much more—something that cannot be…

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS: A Downing Street Gay Romance is on sale for 2 more days (UK & US), and to celebrate, I've put together a brand-new book trailer!

✨ 56 seconds with Daniel and Mattie

✨ romantic & relaxing

Enjoy! 💗


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