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Sweet stuff from Austria

I don’t know about you, but I never sit down at my computer to write without some cookies or a piece of cake. I really hate those health blogs that claim sugar makes you age faster and is basically toxic. I can only hope those scientists are lying!

I have tried the healthier alternatives. Fruit, nuts―all not bad. But not satisfying that certain craving, you know?

I’ve tried to eat muesli while writing too, and even salads, but it has turned out healthy food is a hazard for my keyboard. Cookie crumbs are so much better! I have a pretty effective strategy of dealing with those that involves rotating the keyboard and a special blowing technique. Try the same with a spoonful of muesli or a piece of tomato, and, well, take my word for it: it’s not going to fly. So pastry it is! And ever since I moved to Austria, my favorite has been the Sachertorte.

Have you ever had the chance to try it? It’s a typical Austrian chocolate cake. The original recipe is a secret. But I wouldn’t try to make a Sachertorte myself anyway: I am ace at eating cake, but a little less of a pro when it comes to baking…

Here’s a little excerpt from my mm romance novella GLACIER GOLD starring the Sachertorte. Justin came to Austria, Tyrol, for a snowboarding vacation with his two friends, Jay and Carl. Carl is very fond of eating and has a piece of Sachertorte while they discuss Justin’s chances of hitting it off with his crush, local snowboarding instructor Andi:

Jay and Carl refuse to share in my newfound optimism.

Jay especially seems to feel I need some reining in. He acts as if I were an out-of-control fifteen-year-old and he my dad.

When we get ready for dinner, he looks at me askance as I take a turn in front of the mirror.

“Why don’t you choose something more appropriate for a country hotel restaurant for a change? Do you want to burn his eyes out with that shirt?”

It’s a perfectly regular semitransparent satin shirt in magenta. If people tend to look at stuff that’s magenta, that’s hardly my fault.

Jay struggles to make the ends of the belt of his dress pants meet over his stomach.

When Antje moved on, it didn’t take him long to redirect his amorous efforts toward an Italian girl who sits at the table next to ours at dinner every night. She’s with her parents. It’s him who should stop being inappropriate, chatting up people while their parents are watching and while wearing blue dress pants with cowboy boots. And this man has the nerve to comment on my outfit.

Ignoring him, I sit down on my bed and put in my heart-shaped pink rhinestone earrings. I got them at Innsbruck airport, so what could be a more appropriate choice of jewelry for a Tyrolean hotel?

In the mirror I can see Jay give Carl a pointed look, as usual when he feels he needs support. Carl, who’s lounging on his bed with a selection of snacks, gives a tiny nod in response and noisily swallows a chunk of Sachertorte. They’ve been talking about me, the bastards.

“We don’t mean to rain on your parade, dude,” Carl begins, confirming my suspicions, “but what about your studying? Did you get stuff done today?”

Fuck. He knows full well that, no, I didn’t.

“Not to spoil your evening,” he goes on. “But we think that you should get started. Like tonight. You won’t be happy if you fail that test again.”

“So not happy!” Jay affirms.

“I won’t fail! I have time enough for studying on the flight home!”

They exchange a glance that is nothing short of infuriating. Fuck, this is like being on vacation with two fucking parents! I could just as well be that poor Italian chick!

“Okay, dudes, here’s the thing. I have more important stuff to do at the moment than focus on my future. Stuff that can only be done while I’m still here. And you know what I’m talking about.”

“He doesn’t want you!” Jay exclaims, sounding almost hysterical. “Forget it, Justin!”


"This was just one delicious read. From annoying to sweet sweet tenderness."

Open Skye Book Reviews on GLACIER GOLD


You can get the Sachertorte on the photo at the Cafe Sacher, Innsbruck, and my Austrian M/M Romance GLACIER GOLD here:


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