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STRAY is on sale for Christmas!

Do you like alphas, omegas, fake mates, and happy endings?

My nonshifter omegaverse MM romance STRAY is on sale for Christmas! It’ll be available for $0.99 on Amazon from December 20-27, starting today!

You can download the first chapter as a sample FOR FREE here.

When alpha Aryn offers omega Trae money for posing as his mate for a night, he soon finds he’s made a huge mistake…

Aryn Greyson needs a fake mate, and fast. The alpha college sophomore has told his pack leader he found his omega, and now Braedan wants to welcome the new Greyson into the family. Trae "Stray" Vagorien, omega fourth-year student, has no pack, no money, and supposedly no morals. He's definitely got no need for a stupid, arrogant alpha in his life. When college heartthrob Aryn Greyson offers him a thousand dollars for posing as his mate for a night, including family dinner and sharing a double room in a five-star hotel, Trae finds his views on alphaholes confirmed--and accepts. Nothing is going to happen in that king-size bed. That's the deal. Aryn is determined to behave honorably and stand by his promise, and Trae has enough pride and attitude to make sure that he will. But what if their hormones and hearts have other ideas? Can a relationship that started with an insult and a lie ever turn into something real?

STRAY is a Fake Mate Gay Romance containing a sweet, hunky alpha who’s landed himself in trouble, a snarky omega with a fear of thunderstorms, hurt/comfort, a night of knotting, lots of fluff and heartbreak, and a happy ending. 36k words. For readers 18 and over only!

Get it at only $0.99 now!



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